What material will the Cole-Bar Hammer be made out of?

Our current prototype is made out of a #45 carbon steel with electro-plating (satin finish). As we move forward, we will be conducting thorough tests on the prototype and pre production units to determine what material is best suited for the Cole-Bar. Once we make that determination, we will update the specs here on Kickstarter. We want the highest grade steel that is still affordable, but strong. We also have to consider heat treating; we want to make sure the material we heat treat fuses with strength without being to brittle considering the impact the head and body will take.

How much torque can the Cole-Bar withstand when it’s extended to a crow bar?

Once we reach our goal, some of the funding will go towards load testing the pre-production units.  When we have completed proper load testing, we will add that to the Cole-Bar spec sheet.  An information sheet/instructions will be shipped along with your Cole-Bar and we will post an update here once load testing is completed.

How much will the Cole-Bar Hammer weigh?

The current prototype is 43 oz.  It’s heavier than your typical hammer, but there is nothing typical about the Cole-Bar.  Considering it is a hammer and a crow bar with a ratchet to connect the head and claw shafts, it comes in at a nice weight and it feels good in your hands.  Of course the production unit may fluctuate  but we will be working hard to make it as light as possible without sacrificing strength.

Why is it called the “Cole-Bar”

The Cole-Bar is named after Cole Norman Hyde, the son of the inventor, Lance Hyde.  It was Cole who inspired the tool by laying a crow bar down on top of a hammer while working with his father.  We dedicate this project and the success of the tool to his memory.

How long is the Cole-Bar?

The current prototype is14.5 ” long.  The production unit should be the same.

Will it come in different colors?

Right now, what you see in the prototype is pretty close to the initial production offering.  After Kickstarter we will be looking into offering the Cole-Bar in different colors and with color options on the handle.

How much will the Cole-Bar retail for?

Right now as it stands, it looks like the Cole-Bar will come in between $79 and $89.  We will be able to nail it down (no pun intended…well, maybe just a little) the closer we get to production.  We are still determining the best materials to use for the Cole-Bar and this will be a factor in determining the final price point.

Can I get one with a metric ruler?

We’re looking into it!  Stay tuned!

Will there be a warranty?

Once we reach our goal on Kickstarter, we will be investing the funds to take the Cole-Bar to full production.  We will also be investing in load testing, product liability, warranties, etc.