Meet The Team

Cole Norman Hyde – Inspiration
Lance Hyde – Inventor
Brandon Hyde – Team Leader/Design/Marketing
Heather Hyde – Design/Marketing/Admin
Mike Rody – Engineering
Rich Heineman – Marketing
Michael Hodges – Media
Michael Schnell – Manufacturing
Michael Trent – Public Relations
Victor Fuentes – Licensing/Retail Development

Lance Hyde was born in Peru Indiana on June 14th, 1950 to Norman and Norma Hyde, he has six siblings. Lance has always been driven to find an easier way to accomplish tasks and has a knack for making something out of nothing. As a child he was always trying to figure out what he could make out of different objects, tools and appliances. He spent some time in Canada, California, they are a few of the many place as he traveled in his younger years ambitious to explore different places. After returning home he met and married his wife Peggy in May of 1982, they have been happily married for 30 years both previously married shortly; together have five children Brandon, Michell, Tamara, Heather and Cole. He has eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. He has resided most of his life in Peru or on the outskirts of town. He moved with his family to Westfield Indiana in 2002 and still lives there currently. He has held different positions and has owned a few businesses over the years and currently runs an auto body shop in Westfield, IN. He has been called the man of all trades, and it has been said there is nothing he can’t do. He started on the Cole-Bar over 14 years ago and in May of 2011 he finally received his U.S. Utility Patent. All the years of tinkering around with tools and diligence had paid off. He hopes this hammer will be his legacy and the legacy of Cole, his late son, who helped inspire the hammer and who its named after. He considers developing the Cole-Bar to be one of his greatest accomplishments.

Heather M. Hyde Fivecoate is 29 years old and the daughter of Lance and Peggy Hyde. Raised in Macy, IN, she attended North Miami Elementary and High School, where she was involved in sports from softball to cheerleading. She moved to Westfield with her family in 2002 and worked in the medical field and later Business administrative. Currently working on the Cole-Bar hammer project and also runs an Auto body/detailing business with her father in Westfield. Heather Recently married her husband Russell Fivecoate in October of 2012, they live in Cicero Indiana. They have no children, but hope for some in the near future. Right now she is focusing her time on her business and launching the Cole-Bar hammer in loving memory of her brother, Cole, who she was very close with. Heather’s hope is to turn this hammer into more than a product, but a face, and that when someone picks up their hammer they will think of her brother and the way he inspired so many of us to never give up on our dream.

Mike Rody was born on July 4th 1950 in Peru Indiana; he was raised in Denver Indiana and still resides there. He attended North Miami High School and attended Wabash Vocational School after. He worked for a Medical manufacturing company in Kokomo Indiana making medical parts for fourteen years. He currently works at Stevens Machine shop in Kokomo Indiana and has been there for twenty years. He specializes in CNC machines and tool engineering and production. He married his wife Linda Rody in 1995 and they have five children, and he has ten grandchildren. Mike enjoys camping and spending time with his family. One of his greatest hobbies is Music as Mike has played lead guitar for the band Almost Country since 1982. Mikey started working on the Cole-Bar hammer almost from the beginning giving his expertise on making it what it is today. Countless hours were spent perfecting it and working with Lance to make it the hammer it is today. The Cole-Bar without Mike Rody wouldn’t have been possible or be where it is today.
Brandon Hyde was born Dec. 25, 1968. He was raised in Kokomo, IN. He attended Western High School, but graduated from Maconaquah High School in Bunker Hill, IN. He attended Lee University in Cleveland, TN receiveing a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications. He has worked in the digital imaging industry for 20+ years and has owned and operated Perspective Digital Imaging and Photography since 2000 and Remember Me memorial photographs since 2006. Brandon became part of the Cole-Bar team in 1999 and contributed to the redesign of the Cole-Bar. His role is to facilitate the launch and marketing of the Cole-Bar hammer and is the Kickstarter team leader. He also takes an integral part in producing media for the Cole-Bar in forms of photography, film and video. Brandon’s goal along with the other team members and family is to see the Cole-Bar introduced to the world in honor of his brother, Cole N. Hyde.

Dan Michael Hodges has produced and directed for clients as diverse as Coca Cola, Sports Illustrated, Calphalon and Publix Supermarkets. By the time he began graduate film studies at Regent University, he was the country’s youngest Steadicam camera operator, allowing him tremendous exposure to various types of film production throughout the country. Currently, his company Morgan Falls Media helps raise tens of millions for capital campaigns and valuable viability for ad agencies.
In addition to his commercial work, his talent as a director is evident in his acclaimed music video “19” for Bill Gentry, which was number one for five consecutive weeks in the spring of 2010 as well as his internationally acclaimed and poignent short film “The Big Table”.
He resides in Atlanta with his wife and two sons.

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