“…the Leatherman of hammers.”


“The Optimus Prime of Hammers”




“…the Cole-Bar Hammer nails it!”


“…you had me at demolition tool.”


“The Cole-Bar Hammer is one of the most exciting Kickstarter projects we’ve backed in a while.” “Every man (and woman as far as we’re concerned) needs at least one phenomenal hammer. It will be the Cole-Bar.” “The erector set looking hammer seems normal enough at first… until it folds open to be a separate crowbar. And then it separates so you can hit the crowbar with the hammer. And then you can also use it as a ratchet and a t-square and a rule. You get the idea. It’s awesome.”



“The Cole-Bar Hammer is a new multi-purpose tool with a ratchet that locks at any angle between 0° and 180°”


“I love multifunction wrecking bars — they’re just the right blend of apocalyptic and functional. This looks like a promising addition to the genre.”


“…when you are ready to go full Vin Diesel you have a tool ready and at your disposal.”



“I’m normally skeptical of multi-tools, but the Cole-Bar Hammer, which is currently up on Kickstarter, look pretty promising”



“The Cole-Bar Hammer Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Demolition Tools”


“The Cole-Bar Hammer makes the Swiss Army knife look like a can opener.”


“They say a man is only as good as his tools, and if you’ve got an affinity for DIY projects, odds are you’d get a kick out of the Cole-Bar. “


Runner Up:  Cool Tools Inventors Challenge